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Most of the men believed that the legs and underarms of women must be shaved.But there are fans who like a fully hairy women including legs, arms and underarms.What you will see here is an awesome collection of shaved pussy porn pictures.

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It makes women feel uncomfortable probably because the medias encourage body hairless image.

It's just a way to control people and for the fashion industry to earn money. You'll find many pictures on this site with hairy women under arms. It smells wildly and naturally and it looks the same.

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A significant number of men like hairy women, they say women with natural hair everywhere look sexy and attractive and they love natural things.

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Naturally woman have hair and it really is there to attract the opposite sex, why then remove it?

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I believe part of the problem is we are all constantly told that women's body hair is obnoxious and this documentary does nothing to dispel this falsehood.

I would suggest that the reason the medias and advertisings like to encourage this opinion is that someone out there is making huge amounts of money out of selling removal of hair goods.

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