Hindu and christian dating

But if they aren't sure of themselves, they shouldn't get married." Narayan and Kamala have an eight- year-old son, Rajiv.

"I want my son to respect all religions," says Narayan.

Do religious differences necessarily create barriers or problems? Ellaru, from Houston, Texas, is the proud mother-in-law of a white Christian girl.

We shouldn't think that this happens only among the Hindu community." Marriage doesn't come without challenges, even hardships-even when Hindus marry Hindus.

But in such sensitive areas like relationships and marriage, I feel one does have to consider religion because how you are brought up and what you believe are important.

My children have been raised in this country, so I don't expect them to marry a Hindu." Asked if there was any opposition from the Hindu community, Mrs. Interreligious marriages are quite common now." Happily married for four years, Raghu and Christina have successfully integrated Hindu and American culture. He says, "I believe your faith is your way of life.

They have two sons, Andrew and Austin, who are being brought up with a blend of Hindu and Christian principles. Ellaru agreed: "We are happy with whatever they choose to do." Mrs. If your life partner shares the same faith, you share a common philosophy in which you can bring up your children.

"This was my own flesh and blood going against me." Within one year, Neha stopped socializing with other people because it made Mohsin jealous. "We walked separately at school so that no one would notice us," says Neha.

She recalls, "I never cared that Mohsin was a Muslim until it started interfering with who I was. I would have to wear a veil, etc." Mohsin didn't want Neha to pursue graduate school or act in theatrical productions. "Still, I would get stares from Hindu people I didn't even know. I lost fifteen pounds." Neha finally broke off with Mohsin six months ago and decided to marry a Hindu."Teenagers don't call us that often about this subject," Bina says, "because they have their friends they can talk to.Parents are very reluctant to talk with anyone." Veena Ramachandran is a student at Catholic University, Washington DC."People who say that children get affected by interreligious marriages are wrong!My upbringing has only strengthened my understanding and respect of religion." According to Narayan, the concept of religion has become too rigid, placing barriers on people.Kamala told Hinduism Today, "I base interreligious marriage on the strength of the person.

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