Hiv positive dating in az

There’s no reason for them to settle for second best.

When Donald Sterling dissed Magic Johnson for being promiscuous and unworthy, it was nothing new for people living with HIV. A lot of those misconceptions persist today, even (or maybe especially) among gay men.

Our attitudes can be hurtful, stigmatizing, and even contradictory.

They are also more likely to avoid drugs and alcohol, eat well and exercise regular, the keys to health and longevity.

Positive guys know this, and are living their lives with appreciation, joy, and an eye towards the future.

It is unfair to blame all positive men due to the reckless behavior of a relative few. “Drug and Disease Free, UB2” is every bit as stupid and non-productive as it sounds If you are using this dangerous phrase as a filter for potential sex partners, you could be doing yourself more harm than good.

We know positive guys who are undetectable are not infecting their partners, so rejecting people based on their status can be more discriminatory than practical.

This is just another example of trying to distance ourselves from positive guys by judging them as different from ourselves. Chances are they came to terms with it long ago and it’s probably not very interesting, anyway. They probably have hotter, more enlightened options on their smart phone anyway. Positive guys aren’t going anywhere soon Recent studies suggest that someone becoming infected with HIV today in the United States has the same odds of living a normal life span as anyone else.

Some research even suggests a life expectancy that is longer than average, because people with HIV see a physician more often and other health concerns can be identified and addressed sooner.

PHOENIX — When Misty Lee Wilke realized the man she had been having a sexual relationship with was HIV positive, she ran him over with a Mustang, according to court records.

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