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Ptolemy mentions Alexander's punitive campaign in which he razes Thebes and burns Persepolis, then gives an overview of Alexander's west-Persian campaign, including his declaration as the son of Zeus by the Oracle of Amun at Siwa Oasis, his great battle against the Persian Emperor Darius III in the Battle of Gaugamela and his eight-year campaign across Asia.

Also shown are Alexander's private relationships with his childhood friend Hephaistion and later his wife Roxana.

It grossed over $167 million worldwide against a $155 million budget.

Four versions of the film exist, the initial theatrical cut and three home video director's cuts: the "Director's Cut" in 2005, the "Final Cut" in 2007 and the "Ultimate Cut" in 2013.

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It also details his plans to reform his empire and the attempts he made to reach the end of the then known world.

The story begins 40 years after 323 BC, around 283 BC, with Ptolemy I Soter, who narrates throughout the film.

The two earlier DVD versions of Alexander ("director's cut" version and the theatrical version) sold over 3.5 million copies in the United States.

The film is based on the life of Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia, who conquered Asia Minor, Egypt, Persia, and North West India.

On the one hand they’re almost definitely awaiting an imminent and horrifying death, but on the other they have an outrageous amount of sex while they do.

Basically every episode in its six series run has subjected viewers to a (kind of confusing) mix of ridiculously graphic gore and sex, and its borderline pornographic scenes have become as infamous as some of the biggest battles ever shown on television.

Jaime and Cersei in the tower (Season 1, Episode 1)Twins screwing each other in a tower before throwing a young child off said tower was an early insight into just little f***s Go T has to give.

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