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In bands, you often find that some members are in a position to contribute financially more than others.

Obviously, this is less of a problem when things are going well, but can be a huge problem when things break down.

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Some issues will be more contentious than others, and you'll have a much easier time working through all of them if you clearly identify them and treat each one as a separate subject whenever possible.

Each band's situation will vary, but here are a few common concerns that arise.

If you can maintain a professional relationship, then it is in everyone's interest to continue to try and sell the stock.

If you do so, then make sure you all are on the same page as to how it will work like who will shoulder the responsibility and how income and expenses will be handled.

You might be surprised how differently you all view your own contributions and hammering these things out when things are tense is tough.

If you have made agreements in the past when it comes to songwriting credits, stick to them.

If you chipped in for a drum kit, but you don't play the drums, don't fight for it.

The drummer can pony up the cash to pay everyone back their share, or you can all sell the kit and split the cash.

You might be angry now, but if you have agreed to share all the credit for the music equally in the past - even if only one of you actually did the work - take some deep breaths and honor the agreement.

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