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This program will provide a 2nd Trust Deed loan at 0% interest with all payments deferred until sale, transfer, refinancing, no longer owner-occupied, or full repayment of the first mortgage.

Hordes of hopeful homebuyers dream of buying a foreclosure at a rock-bottom price, fixing it up and living happily ever after.

The dream heads south, however, when many of them realize they don't have the cash needed or learn that available financing won't cover the extensive repairs.

Although nationwide factors (in particular, the foreclosure crisis) helped create these vacancies, local factors — the condition of the properties, the health of the local housing market, and the strength of the regional economy — are what shape the range of options available for returning these properties to productive use.

The approach taken to reclaim one vacant property among many in a distressed Detroit neighborhood, for example, will be different from that taken to reclaim a property in a rebounding Phoenix suburb — or, for that matter, in another Detroit neighborhood with a healthy housing market.

Program provides a loan of up to 60,000 for all first-time buyers to assist with down payment and closing costs.

The HOP is available for existing, new construction, approved short sales, and real estate owned properties.

Defining the Problem Properties may become vacant for a variety of reasons, some of which are relatively benign.

A property that is for rent or sale can be vacant for a short time, and a vacation home might be vacant for most of the year.

If these properties are well maintained by responsible owners, they will not become eyesores or depress neighboring property values. Government Accountability Office (GAO) reported in 2011 that vacant residential units, not including those used seasonally or by migrant workers, increased from 7 million in 2000 to 10 million in 2010.

In general, a vacant property becomes a problem when the property owner abandons the basic responsibilities of ownership, such as routine maintenance or mortgage and property tax payments. Postal Service, although these are not without limitations. The Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University reported that a subset of this category, homes vacant and not being marketed for sale or rent, reached a record high of 7.4 million in 2012, with increases concentrated in the high-foreclosure areas of the South and West.

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