I am dating a rich guy

In dating you are basically test driving each other before making a major commitment, and if you act as though you are on probation you may find that you are reeling your guy in.

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Always remember that when dating a man you are basically on probation just as you are when you first get a job.

Many companies will put you on probation for several months before the company actually commits to hiring you.

This is the time when most women of average means get dumped.

Some will be casually dumped within five months but others will be jerked around for five years before being thrown in the mud for another woman. Keep reading and be sure to take what I say here very seriously if you want to reach the finish line as a winner.

After you have gone through the rigors of meeting Mister money bags, its time for the serious and sometimes grueling marathon of dating a millionaire.

The thing that makes women in this situation so unhappy is the fact that so many men will just keep a girl hanging there for a long time.First and foremost if you want to date a rich man you should understand how a rich person thinks.A rich man or rich people in general DO NOT look at money the same way middle class and poor people do.If you don't have these qualities you can easily appear dispensable to your rich and focused friend, and the last thing you want to do is appear to be just another bimbo to your wealthy romeo.Once you have singled out one, two or three guys who you truly feel attracted to enough to date and romance, then the rules become even more important and it is in this grey area of dating that leaves most women bitter, rejected, and desperate.Also many women come with emotional baggage as well as financial baggage.

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