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There has been an avalanche of very young people coming at me in the last years who wanted to learn from me or who wanted to be an intern or assistant of mine and it has grown to such numbers that I felt I had to give a systematic answer, an organized answer, and here you have the Master Class which really goes in all sorts of details.

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The little jingles he makes up on the spot during show are priceless.

There are famous cats, You Tube cats, funny cats, talented cats.

Fear is somehow foreign to me, it’s not in my dictionary and as a filmmaker you have to learn how to be fearless and not stupidly fearless.

You have to be prudent but you have to have courage.

I do not need to have very elaborate lighting normally, the normal light of a set is enough. Speaking of dangers, you’ve been shot at on television… Has there been anything that’s happened to you in your career that’s shocked you?

I can edit as fast as I am thinking on most, so it has had its great advantages. It’s not really my thing because you have to grow up with it as a child, and I grew up in a very remote mountain valley in Bavaria, where there were literally no books, no radio, no television, no phone. No, I think nothing really shocks me and I’m not afraid, it’s not in my dictionary.

So he had to eat a bowl of wriggling live maggots and I said to him, "Give me the spoon, I'll eat them first" and he said, "No, no, no, you don’t have to do it, just let’s get over with it, turn on the camera," and he started to eat. Your latest documentary, , focuses on the Internet and its effect on our lives. I have not ever done online dating because I am a very happily married man, but of course social events, communications, all the way to straightforward fornication, is organized in a different way nowadays, and very hard for me to make a judgment.

I see with astonishment how fast things are changing, I think there is something like Tinder out there — you even know where a potential partner is, maybe outside the door here.

I just advise don’t worry what I am reading, just be curious and read — not just tweets. When it comes to the famous ones like Kant or Heidegger or Sartre or so, or Hegel, I just cannot crack their code of language.

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