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That is the place where we give in to eros, to recover our wholeness.I am not talking about the illusion of romantic love.

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It is time for psychology to bring its unique contribution to healing and consciousness.

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We have resisted every attempt at an interdependent way of living in resonance with the earth.

We have lost our way, and are now being called to give up the illusion of control, and surrender into the unknown.

every breath, every move, every thought…it is almost as if you are being controlled by another force, much stronger than you. You think about reaching out to a friend, but the thought of rejection feels unbearable.

You cry, thinking the tears might wash away some of the sadness, but it only makes you feel worse. Not able to let go of the past, or think about the future.Like the hand of the stranger whom you used to love, whom you thought shared your soul, strangling you, silencing your voice.The breath feels like your enemy, even though it is supposed to give you life. The insanity of love, that gut-wrenching desire and need for another’s glance, touch, and even smile; that is the fall into chaos where dissolution of plans, agendas, and order happens.Love destroys illusions so that we reunite with our other half in recovery of the sacred.It is the ultimate religion, spiritual practice, transformative healing.Clinicians appear to view the body in three distinct ways: as independent of the mind (physical body), integrated with the mind (emotional body), and as a site for symbolic representations of subtle (energetic) body.

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