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not leaving everything to the last minute)to get a better outcome. Should we let her call our bluff and take her out of that school? There is a lot of info on the Parents' Network website to start.I'm afraid if that happens, what will have been achieved ultimately? Furthermore, the public school she would be assigned is very undesirable. Networking with other homeschooling parents might also help you expand your horizons. Even if you don't make the move ultimately - actively exploring the options might help your daughter take some ownership of her education.

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You might consider seeking professional help from either a behavioral pediatrician and/or an educational therapist to address factors such as structure, organization, and other interventions. If so, is it because he checks and rechecks his work to eliminate careless errors?

Dr Brad Berman is an excellent behavioral pediatrician in Walnut Creek (925-279- 3480) and Linda Lawton is an educational therapist in Albany ( Nov 2008 My son is a sophmore taking Math IIIA. My experience with my daughter when she was in high school sounds a bit similar.

I suggest taking your daughter to a whole health practictioner (i.e, accupuncturist or natureopath) who, unlike western practioners, is trained to deal with causes not symptoms. This could be an explanation for her lack of motivation.

If her ADD affects her performance and she is not getting positive results or feedback, she may not see the value of putting effort into her work.

3rd, if above doesn't make an impression all fancy products & clothing beyond the minimum of hygiene, and adequate clothing, so out go make-up, hair gel, hair spray, body spray, designer/label shoes, purses, skinny jeans, etc... When a child, or adult for that matter, isn't pulling their load, they don't enjoy the fruits of hard work, and success.

There is no magic, or mystery to this, just CONSISTENCY, CONSISTENCY, CONSISTENCY. Beryle Nov 2008 I looked in the archives under 'dropping out', unmotivated, etc., but mostly found stories of students leaving high school to take classes at a jc, etc.

Do not envy your difficulties but sincerely hoping something does turn up.

Sometimes asking the right questions makes all the difference in the answers. As an applied behavior analyst, and step-parent to teens here's my suggestion: you are the parent, and if you believe the school she is in is the best option for her, that should be the school she stays in.

If her grades are suffering and she can't pull it off, there are more reasons to be making this ''option review'' than the money.

If she likes the school and wants to stay there, then see if they have study skill counseling - most private schools do, and they can help her with the time management skills. You need to be honest though if you can really afford it.

My own theory - she has gotten herself into a corner that she can't get out of.

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