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Older boys and girls were each assigned two of the youngsters to take care of and assist in getting ready for school. Online Source Cheyenne woman named Woxie Haury in ceremonial dress, and, in wedding portrait with husband.

Shown in this photo are the youngest students, lined up in front of the girls’ dormitory. Two studio portraits; on left she poses with her hair down, in a beaded & fringed dress, necklace, and beaded moccasins.

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Children in front of girls' dormintory building, Tulalip Indian School, ca. Photographer: Ferdinand Brady The Tulalip Indian School opening on Jan.

23, 1905, and during the next two years it held enrollment of 200 students. Children as young as six years old attended the boarding school.

The young fruit trees in the background grew to become part of the large orchard that produced fruit for the school.

Here, several young boys pose for the camera, along with the school’s farmer and his wife and child.

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Shown in this photo are Sebastian Williams (second from left), Woody Loughrey (fifth from left) and Clarence Shelton (third from right). On the table sits a plant between two glass lamps (?

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