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TIBA Services was formally established in 1977 and has operated since 2007 from its R2,8 million headquarters, TIBA Centre, in Lenasia.

It provides rehabilitation services, extensive eye care services and a protective workshop.

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He also designed the technology and training materials for call centre operators and, in 1998, conceptualised the Dolphin Pen together with Aubrey Webson and Chris Friend.

Another innovator, Niresh Singh, the first visually impaired South African to qualify as an O&M instructor, trained Optima students in long cane skills from 1985 to 2002.

An extract is quoted to indicate what Council and its individual members were up against.

“It is intended that non-white welfare organisations for the various racial groups should develop alongside of white organisations.

Council's response was to form the Division for Indian Blind, the Division for Coloured Blind and the Committee for Blind Blacks. Council's Executive Committee and the Department of Indian Affairs were also represented. A remarkable achievement, which to this day has not been replicated widely, was that he persuaded the Department of Education to allow certain blind students to register at teacher training colleges and then to employ them in mainstream or special schools.

These elements of the wider structure were maintained for about 12 years, but it was fortunate that when they were at last abandoned in 1983, their knowledge, experience and expertise could be ploughed into the general work for the benefit of all blind South Africans. It did not end there, because he also assisted other suitably qualified people to find positions as legal professionals, telephonists or factory workers after he had facilitated their tertiary or vocational training.Cassim Bassa, a prominent Durban businessman and philanthropist, as Chairman; Mr. There are three more former employees of Council who merit a mention because of their rather unique contributions. Prior to joining Council's staff, she had worked as a social worker for the National Council for the Deaf.Because her office was situated in the building of the Natal Blind and Deaf Society, she came to know many blind people there and she met many more when she acted as a voluntary support person at the first What We Can Do Now Conference in 1980.It is one of the few schools for blind learners that teach mathematics to braille users and it has the enviable record of attaining a 100% matric pass rate for the past decade.Principal Desmond Frank has led the school with distinction for 13 years after commencing his teaching career there in 1977.With an annual budget of close to R5 million and a staff complement of 62, supported by 37 volunteers, it serves approximately 1500 blind, deaf and deafblind clients per year in Ethekwini and into the far-flung rural areas right up to Richards Bay.

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