Indian currency predating the rupee

Jindal explained he typically keeps about 15,000 rupees — roughly 0 — on hand for travel to India so he has money available when he lands in a country where a large amount of daily transactions are conducted with cash.

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However, the public nature of the recommendation sparked black money hoarders to act fast and rid themselves of high denominations before the government was able to clamp down on them, Mint reported.

Then, in 1977, the Janata Party coalition government came into power.

If third time’s the charm, the ban on Rs500 and Rs1,000 notes could finally wipe off corruption in India.

Narendra Modi may have shocked the nation with his Nov.

For travelers with tickets to India this month there is no easy answer.

World BNotes Exchange and other popular currency exchange retailers in the Los Angeles area are no longer trading in rupees.Travelex informed me they stopped trading in rupees in November.“It’s a big problem,” said John Scott, owner of Bretton Woods currency exchange in Brentwood.“Right now, everybody is stuck with the old 5 notes …India’s government will be printing new 500 rupee notes, hopefully before the ban goes into effect, NDTV reports.During a recent Thanksgiving week visit to the popular Golden Triangle of tourism — Delhi, Agra and Jaipur — I found myself struggling to stretch existing cash on hand in a country that has not thoroughly embraced credit cards.A year into the government’s term, party leader Morarji Desai was more bullish about cracking down on counterfeits and black money.

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