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Downtown Edison as well as Jersey City each has an Indian enclave known as Little India.

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In New Jersey, Fairleigh Dickinson University has a student association known as Indian Cultural Experience while the world famous Rutgers University too has its own Association of Indians.

Again Montclair state University has an Indian Culture Club just as the New Jersey Institute of Technology at Newark has its Association of Indian Students as well as Indian Graduate Students Association.

And Indian origin men and women make up a sizeable portion of the student community at these institutions.

Most of them have their own associations of Indian students which not only help recently arrived students to settle down in a new country but also provide networking opportunities among Indian-origin students in the campus.

Little wonder then that it has attracted the most successful and dynamic members of the Indian American community.

Check out the skilled set It is no secret that Indian Americans are among the most professionally qualified ethnic groups in the US.In fact in New Jersey, you can even find neighborhoods marked by Indian linguistic communities.While Hindi and Gujarati speaking Indians are found practically across the state, a large number of Telugu and Tamil families can be found in Middlesex County and Hudson County where as Keralite families are numerous in Bergen County.This area has been home to the largest outdoor Navratri festivities in New Jersey as well as several Hindu temples.Iselin section of Woodbridge as well as Piscataway, Cherry Hill, echelon and New Brunswick are other places in New Jersey which have sizeable Indian populations.High-tech firms employ one in ten private sector workers in New Jersey and companies choose from employees from some of the nation's finest institutions of higher learning.

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