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A historically prominent North American of black and native ancestry was the Mohawk chief Atiatoharongwen, also known as Colonel Louis, or Louis Cook.

Atiatoharongwen was not born a Mohawk - his native mother was Abenaki and his father was black.

Since the earliest days of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, Africans have formed alliances with indigenous peoples in South and Central America.

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A famous Afro-Native Peruvian leader is Micaela Bastidas Puyucahua who, together with her mestizo husband, fought for indigenous rights in the 18th century.

The character Dr Joshua Sweet in the Disney Cartoon Atlantis: The Lost Empire is of Afro-Native American descent.

They have a male child with them, between 3 and 4 years of age.

Any person who takes up the said negroes and Indian...

He educates the white protagonist on the history of black Indians, showing a photograph of himself with his African American father and Native American mother.

In Jeremy Love's graphic novel Bayou, the character Bedford is of Choctaw and African American descent.

A Creek chief stood between them and the black man, cut their rope and threw it in the fire. Contemporary Euro-American records revealed a European fear for black/Indian mixing, for there were instances of Africans and Indians joining together in armed resistance against Europeans.

A British officer had warned, "Their mixing is to be prevented as much as possible." In the 19th century, a number of high ranking Seminoles married black wives - Chief Osceola was one of them.

Native American dating was much different than we can even imagine.

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