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The form does not contain any view, data validation, editing state, or other presentation information.

(15 printed pages)Most form designers do not need to be concerned about the underlying technologies of a Microsoft Office Info Path 2007 form template, but understanding those technologies can be useful in determining their performance implications.

When you save an Office Info Path 2007 form, it is saved as an XML file that contains only the data collected by the form.

If you have ever used digital signatures in Info Path, you may have noticed that an image is associated with the signature.

This nonrepudiation image is added to the form because the XSLT view in the form can be changed to give the XML a different meaning, without changing the XML.

The following are some of the most problematic view performance issues with some suggested remedies.

Finally, try using fixed widths instead of percentage widths for structural controls and especially nested controls.

By default, Info Path uses 100 percent width for these and other controls, because it results in the view updating with the Info Path window size, but this is more expensive from a performance perspective during HTML layout and rendering than using a fixed width.

This is especially valuable in recursive section controls and the controls within them.

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