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It's rewarding to tour for three or four weeks on each of the main islands, although you can certainly see some of the highlights in less time.

Australians often call NZ "The Shaky Isles" because of frequent seismic activity.

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In 2005, the Māori Party was formed, in part in response to the Government's law on the Foreshore and Seabed but also to promote an independent Māori perspective at a political level.

When the six British colonies federated to form Australia in 1901, New Zealand decided not to join the federation.

Be sure to allow sufficient time to travel in New Zealand.

Distances are larger than you probably think and many roads wind along the coast and through mountain ranges (particularly on the South Island).

There are sparklingly modern visitor facilities, and transport networks are well developed with Airports throughout the country and well maintained highways.

New Zealand often adds an adventure twist to nature: it's the original home of jet-boating through shallow gorges, and bungy jumping off anything high enough to give a thrill.

East Polynesians reached New Zealand about 700 years ago in a series of tremendous oceanic canoe voyages to begin settlement of what was to become New Zealand - some 46,000 years after Australia.

Their populations grew rapidly and led to the extinction of many unique species of flightless birds, including all 9 species of Moa, some of which grew to about 3.6m (12 ft) in height with neck outstretched and weighed about 230kg (510 lb) !

(.) This makes for some interesting shopping and ethnic eating opportunities.

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