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See instead the page for information on aviation safety and security.

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We encourage you to consider having vaccinations before you travel.

At least eight weeks before you depart, make an appointment with your doctor or travel clinic for a basic health check-up, and to discuss your travel plans and any implications for your health, particularly if you have an existing medical condition.

Immigration authorities may deny entry to visitors who are unable to provide evidence of adequate insurance coverage.

People travelling directly to or from a country outside the European Union (EU) carrying 10,000 Euros or more (or the equivalent amount in another currency) are required to declare the cash at the place of their arrival or departure from the EU.

Australians travelling in Estonia should carry their travel documents with them at all times to avoid any difficulties when attempting to depart Estonia, in particular when travelling on ferries between Schengen countries.

Estonia requires visitors to have valid travel and health insurance that covers them for the equivalent of 30,000 Euros (about AUD40,000) for the duration of their stay.

The pages also provide useful information for travellers on staying healthy.

The standard of medical facilities at the main hospitals in the capital Tallinn and in Tartu is good.

Australians who commit these offences while overseas may be prosecuted in Australia.

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