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Uruguay's first constitution was adopted in 1830, following the conclusion of a three-year war in which Argentina and Uruguay acted as a regional federation.

Sponsored by the United Kingdom, the 1828 Treaty of Montevideo built the foundations for an Uruguayan state and constitution.

Brazil annexed the area in 1821 under the name of Provincia Cisplatina, but a revolt began in 1825, after which Uruguay became an independent country through the Treaty of Montevideo in 1828.

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Uruguay is also unique in South America as the only country in the region in which the Roman Catholic Church does not exercise overweening power.

This arose from the social and political reforms in the early twentieth century under President José Batlle y Ordóñez, who ordered the expropriation of church properties and the strict separation of church and state.

The Río Negro's principal tributary and the country's second most important river is the Río Yí.

The climate in Uruguay is temperate, but fairly warm, as freezing temperatures are almost unknown.

Montevideo, however, was considered a military center for the Spanish empire, while Buenos Aires was a commercial center.

The meaning of Montevideo is "the mountain that can be seen," referring to the highest point or hill, El Cerro, located to the west of the main metropolitan area and working harbor.Finally, in 1973, the army seized power, ushering in eleven years of military dictatorship in what was once one of the region's most stable democracies.Democracy was finally restored in 1984 with the election of Julio María Sanguinetti.Spanish colonization increased as Spain sought to limit Portugal's expansion of Brazil's frontiers.The future capital, Montevideo, was founded in the early eighteenth century and became a rival to Buenos Aires, across the Río de la Plata.In the latter part of the nineteenth century, Uruguay participated in the War of the Triple Alliance against Paraguay.

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