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Unfortunately, Norton comes install on most computers and offers a free trial period, which entices consumers to give it a try.

On 13 July 20.16 I received a threat notice of a Trojan.cryptolocker.

I contacted support for Norton via chat and allowed a person from call center in India to help.

It just removed ALL emails instead of one attachment. Where they get $93, I don't know, because the Deluxe package is regularly $79.99 and is on sale right now for $49.99.

When I called and complained they refunded me some of the money, but I will not be doing business again with Norton.

I'm not waiting 15 days, Norton is worst company to do business with... just now) I actually was quickly connected to a rep, he was pleasant and processed my order promptly. I cancelled Norton Security and auto renewal on 8/02/2013, however Norton's auto renewal kept right on billing my Pay Pal Card for three more years. This is unethical business practices and borders on fraud.

Of course, he couldn't help himself into trying to pitch me on a discount they have if I want to continue with the service. Other reviewers of Norton on Consumer Affairs have had similar experiences.They make it very difficult and time consuming to cancel.Such a shame because they have a good product and I would have been a lifetime customer if they did not resort to such unethical business practices. This is the second year they’ve gone into my account and take out money to renew my subscription without my consent.Log back in with fresh browser page and turn auto renew off. I do recommend Norton if set up right and used with Malwarebytes paid if set up right. After a full scan, it removed my mail INBOX completely because it found a malware in an email from 3 months ago. One said I had 1000 problems and one said I had over 10,000. Both said it does not cover these types of problems. The Microsoft company made me realize that the other websites were trying to sell me more product that I did not need to buy. I felt like I was being forced to buy their additional product and they want me to pay for help on a Norton product! Not only was I informed that this was for the Deluxe package (which I did not have or want), but my antivirus was not even due for renewal for another month.IF YOU'RE LOOKING SOMETHING PERFECT YOU NEED TO TALK TO JESUS CHRIST. I had 2 years of emails so it didn't even quarantine it. They have no right to take it upon themselves to upgrade my original order without my consent.You can temporarily disable this feature in various versions of Norton as described in the Anti Virus section above; or disable Auto-Protect in Norton Antivirus 2012 as follows: Back to the Top of this webpage If CTI Navigator is unable to update when an older version of Norton is running, you can move Norton's Auto-Protect "Common Client Application" (cc file" from Windows Startup to Program Startup as follows: If Norton continues to block Internet program access or file downloads even after you have disabled both its Firewall and Auto-protect, it probably is still running its services in Windows memory.

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