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Keep in mind that extremely short styles may be a bit too aggressive for some professional environments.

Close buzzcuts can be intimidating to some people, particularly if you have naturally a tougher demeanor.

Most short styles require very little styling but will require more frequent haircuts to maintain a neat appearance.

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It's a lot to think about, but fun to look at all of your options.

Let's talk about hair length and which may be most appropriate for you.

As a professional stylist, I think that the majority of guys are worried about trying something new with their hairstyle, and a lot of this comes down to not knowing what to ask for and a fear of looking a bit stupid if they don’t really comprehend what is being discussed or how the hairstyle will look at the end.

With this in mind, today we look to explain some of the key terminology that is standard within the industry, in order to increase your knowledge and help you understand how specific types of cutting can achieve different results…Before you consider exactly how you want your hair to be cut or styled, it’s extremely important to take into consideration your hairline, which is the shape of the hair growth around the top of the forehead.

However, a little texture on top can soften up this look.• Pictures of Men's Short Haircuts• Pictures of Men's Buzzcut Styles• Options for Men with Thinning Hair More » A medium length haircut is appropriate for almost any situation, especially guys who work in a professional office environment.

It also allows you a bit more freedom to express your personal style or change up your look as needed.

Many men struggle to decide how they want their hair cut and for an easier life often give the stylist one of two responses, which are: .

To make things even more difficult, when the stylist does a consultation they tend to throw in a few ‘hairdressing terms’ to really confuse matters!

Longer styles require much less frequent trips to the salon.

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