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This love shift will have you feeling calm, confident, in control and open to love.

What if you no longer felt pressured to perform on a date, figure out what to do or say to capture his interest, and never had to worry if he was into you or would ever call you again?

Only the kind of woman who consistently treats herself with respect, value and self-care can inspire a man’s love.

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If you don’t put you first, how can you ever expect a man to give you first prize?! You’ve been unconsciously using intuition to determine a man’s needs and wants and in subtle or overt accommodating to fulfill his desires. This triggers anxiety and fear, blocking your ability to trust your choices and trust your intuition to guide you in the relationship.

All that fretting, worrying and anxiety blocks your inner wisdom and happiness but also a man’s ability to love you.

At this point he will either, take advantage of what you freely give him, staying until something better comes along (in other wards, enjoying desert without paying for dinner), or he disappears- never calling again.

He may not understand WHY he suddenly lost interest, all he knows is he stopped feeling attracted to you.

You intuit his needs, placing them before your own which causes you to lose confidence and self-esteem.

The true source of power is your intuitive awareness.

He makes you feel good and if you are loved, adored and cherished being yourself. So you can feel into what life would be like and how you would be.

If you were no longer invested in making him want you – you can guage his genuine interest in you and if he has what it takes to walk by your side.

The old model of dating you are trying to read a man, figure out how he feels about you and “win” him.

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