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Visa applicants (other than those from Embassies and International organizations) should submit their visa applications ONLY at the India Visa Application Centres at Brussels, Antwerpand Luxembourg (for visa application form and procedures please visit the website of India Visa Application Centre, Brussels at With effect from 25th July, 2011 a new online visa application form is required to be filled up by all visa applicants.

Application for a Duplicate passport in lieu of lost passport.

Please be informed that carrying of satellite phones by foreigners while on a tourist visa in India is banned.

Phone Number: 0091-8130950519 Email Address: [email protected] Download Business Visa Application Download Conference Visa Application Download Diplomatic-Official Visa Application Download Journalist Visa Application Download Student Visa Application Download Visit Visa Application final Visa Information Form Documentary requirement for various kind of visa Visitor Visa Following documents should be attached with visa application forms for a Visitor Visa (Forms can be downloaded from here.) NOTE: Applicants under 18 years of age should submit an original RG-II (Registration From “B”)along with a photocopy.

Also, a Pakistan National Identity Card with photograph is required for all women.

Photographs which do not meet these specifications will not be accepted.

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