Invalidating a stale session dating websites and australia

The cookie also contains information about the site of origin.

Next, when the browser sends a request to the site, it looks in the cookies folder for a cookie that originated from that domain.

On the next request, the user is expected to present the session ID so that the session state can be retrieved and properly restored.

If found, the cookie is automatically attached to the outgoing packet.

The cookie hits the server application where it is detected, extracted, and processed.

Not all browsers support cookies and, more importantly, not all users may have cookie support enabled in their own copy of the browser.

There are Web site features that are historically so tightly bound to cookies that they make it hard to distinguish which really came first.

The HTTP protocol is stateless in nature, and nobody has done anything to change this fact.

Almost two decades ago, while developing their first browser, Netscape Corporation "invented" a persistence mechanism to work over HTTP. It is interesting to note that the term "cookie" in computer science jargon just indicates an opaque piece of data held by an application that affects users but is never directly managed by users.

However, as far as cookies are concerned, setting the cookieless attribute to true (default is false) is all that you have to do.

Note that session settings are application-wide settings.

A few years ago, the worldwide push on Web security focused the spotlight on cookies.

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