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Companies are looking for ways to cut down on emails and unnecessary meetings, too."The tools we use to coordinate are absolutely critical," says Justin Rosenstein, co-founder of Asana, which offers business software designed to make meetings more productive.

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There's now a version for the i Pad and Apple Watch as well. Clear, 2Do, Things, Due and often rank at the top of the productivity category in Apple's App Store.

It's not just individuals looking to get a handle on their workdays.

For many, the world has become a burdensome, complex and never-ending to-do list.

"The speed of change and the volume of potentially relevant information have gone up dramatically," says Allen.

Both have resonated with an increasingly overwhelmed population: GTD has sold 2 million copies since its 2001 release, and Ferriss' book has attracted 1.5 million buyers in North America since 2007. The sum of nearly all knowledge on Earth is accessible on a device in our pockets that keeps us in constant contact with our work and our friends, and helps find people we want to meet and places we want to go.

This always-on communication has created an existential struggle for white-collar workers who long for work-life balance even as they heed the siren song of their email inbox's message alerts.

"Anything that helps us be more productive helps us feel good about what we're doing," says Ken Case, head of software company The Omni Group.

Case realized a decade ago that creating to-do lists wasn't making his work life easier.

After failing a year at his high school in the UK when he was 16, D'Alessio began looking for answers.

Some tech blogs suggested a book by David Allen called "Getting Things Done" (or GTD for short).

That means breaking out of the habit of keeping emails around as calendar reminders or to-do lists.

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