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It was released as a single on July 6, 2012, through Interscope Records. The music video for the song premiered on June 27, 2012. It depicts Del Rey as Marilyn Monroe and Jacqueline Kennedy and ASAP Rocky as John F. It centers on the theme of the Assassination of John F. Critical commentary accompanied the song and video.

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According to "sources" Kendall and A$AP are "full-on dating".

Here's a snapshot of the shade and love being shared on the internet RN.

Probably a month ago, she was like, ‘I wrote this video treatment’.” When DJ Drama mentioned Space Ghost Purrp, Rocky quickly rejected the topic.

Del Rey and A$AP Rocky had the Internet going somewhat nutty yesterday when footage emerged of a song they'd collaborated on.

We live in a sick/sad world where everyday humans are very invested in what celebrities do, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. broke the story overnight via an insider who assured them that Kendall and A$AP's romance is "the real deal". The ~fact~ that K&A are cosying up is currently dividing the internet, with one of three responses circulating in our feeds — we've got: pure joy (who are you?

So sorry, not sorry for this article about Kendall Jenner and A$AP Rocky's newly official "in a relationship" status.

Titled "Ridin'," the track was produced by Brooklyn-based duo the Kickdrums (a.k.a.

Alex Fitts and Matt Penttila), included Rocky affectionately calling Lana "my bitch," and was touted as being the lead single to today's free mixtape. Literally an hour before the project's noon release date, "Ridin'" was mysteriously stripped from the tracklist.

“But A$AP really wanted to use it for his album and as much as we love the song and are super excited to put it out and are disappointed that it’s not out, we’ve got to respect that. Then when all the press came in [yesterday] that’s when the label stepped in,” they added.

If he wants to put it on the album, that’s that.”The Kickdrums recall Rocky recording the song and later saying, “You guys can use it for your mixtape and I’ll use it too for my album. Yesterday, “Ridin’” leaked on the Internet exclusively on DDot Omen, before making its circulation to other major blogs.

He also spoke on Illuminati rumors, sharing that he laughed at the idea that he’d be a part of the secret society. “I used to fake have a little crush on her before I met her. She heard I wanted to work with her and she always used to say, ‘I want to work with him too,’ but it never worked.

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