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They all signaled for help until a boat came to the scene to help out.

Her name is Cassandra Sanchez, aka Cassiie Melinda. and lost control because they were going “REALLY fast.” The next thing Sanchez remembers is waking up in the water in pain.

And while Sean’s family issued a statement asking for privacy as their boy heals, Cassiie gave TMZ a full update on what exactly happened to Sean Kingston and his jet ski. as Sean was racing towards the bridge, she screamed out, “We can’t fit under there! Sanchez says her friends on the other jet ski raced over and tried to help out …

As for Sean, Sanchez says “They have a tube down his throat so he can’t really talk, but he is lucid and understands what’s going on.” Sanchez says doctors plan to keep Sean in the hospital for “a couple more weeks.” We’re glad Sean is doing better… Now that she’s on your radar – if she wasn’t before – we figured you wouldn’t mind seeing a little more of Miss Cassiie Melinda.

Flip through the pages for some of Cassiie’s best modeling shots and in-the-mirror twitpics.

By the time police arrived, both Sean and Migos had left, but Sean was pulled over for a traffic stop shortly after and was "semi-cooperative," says TMZ, but did not offer names and was not arrested.

Seems The Game was wrong about Sean Kingston snitching to cops on him and he could also be wrong about Meek Mill ratting him out.

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No exit from the dance floor so them boys want more What a Gwaan? I gotta cool her down She won't bring the roof to ground on the dance floor Whoa !

she believes Sean tried to turn away from the bridge at the last minute …

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