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We had quite an extensive development period, which gave me plenty of time to school myself in film noir.

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GSN: You get to do all kinds of things in this movie. I thought the character of Reid was super interesting and unlike any you’ve seen in soaps.

You are romantic, you are grief-stricken, you are resourceful and you even get to be a little bitchy. Hansis: The way the film came to me was (Eastsiders creator and co-star) Kit Williamson. In retrospect there was more chemistry between Luke and Reid and I think it was the fact that he was older than Luke and it forced him to grow up.

He suggested to (director) Casper Andreas and (screenwriter) David Michael Barrett to take a look at me. GSN: Luke’s relationship with Noah (Jake Silbermann) covered so much from coming out to living together to getting shot and going blind. But Jake is one of my closest friends to this day – I just saw him last weekend.

You two were so good together then came along the sexy Dr. GSN: In real life, you are in a relationship with Tyler Hanes who is starring on Broadway right now in Cats as the Rum Tum Tugger.

I ended up being on the set for four hours as part of three different scenes. Evening Video: Jane Fonda pays a visit to Ellen De Generes and talks about kissing Robert Redford Celeb Instagram: Colton Haynes & Casey Deidrick!

He walked by me repeatedly in this scene and I had to act like he was just any other person in the crowd. During a break chatted with screenwriter-producer David Michael Barrett who told me how the movie came together.

How do you two manage to juggle two such busy careers? The thing about being with Tyler is we are each others biggest support system.

I’m gong to see him in Cats against tomorrow, every time I get to see him I am blown away by how talented he is, I am so in awe.

It’s a big week for gifted actor Van Hansis with the release of the sexy gay thriler Kiss Me, Kill Me.

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