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This is not rare, random gossip from an unreliable source.

Go to google and type in “Sultan Oman,” and the first recommended search that pops up is “sultan oman homosexual.” Follow through that search and you’ll find a few online articles that address the topic, but the primarily web pages are random blog comments from people who sound knowledgable.

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James Buchanan, Roy Cohn, and many more) that it may be easier to engage in private homosexual behavior without being scrutinized in a society with no “lifestyle homosexuals.” Even if the Sultan of Oman is not gay, he feels no need to deny or act to quash the rumors, and he has not suffered any condemnation by the very conservative religious elements in Oman.

Indeed, even they may tolerate his homosexuality because it is seen as a mere “hobby” or personal preference, not a lifestyle that threatens his status as a man in society or as a national leader.

To pass on these rumors and more, here are a few: the King apparently has a cadre of very attractive bodyguards; his harem is full of men, with women there as helpers and only to avoid widespread scrutiny; the Sultan is rumored to be a pedophile who goes off boys once they hit puberty; that people won’t introduce their sons to him; and much more.

This is, of course, worthy of a blog post not [only?

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