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A new extended trailer video reveals the show is set to feature a segment with James Corden and Will Smith ditching the usual wheels for a helicopter.

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Corden also reprised his role for the 2006 film adaptation.

The following year, he found success on the small screen with the sitcom “When I got the job, I’d never even been on an American talkshow.” He considered the decision to hire him to be “a really bold choice.” Corden made his late night debut in March 2015 with actor Tom Hanks as one of his guests.

, "I wanted to entertain people, to act, sing, dance; everything and anything that would mean people would look at me and smile." Corden spent most of his childhood in Hazlemere, a village near High Wycombe.

His mother was a social worker and his father was a musician in the Royal Air Force. Corden started studying his craft at the Jackie Palmer Stage School, an after school program that gave children acting and dancing lessons.

When Apple Music announced that it would be airing its own series version of the segments, the big question on everybody's mind was who would be the host, as it was revealed that Corden would be producing the show along with partner Ben Winston, but would not appear.

It was later revealed that rather than having a single host, each episode would feature different match ups of two celebrities that would ride together in a similar sing along style to that of the original segments.

Now that the trailer has been released, it's clear that Corden will in fact be appearing in at least one episode, along with mega star Will Smith, who started his career in music as one half of DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, and then moved onto acting, first as the star of hit sitcom , and then as an A-list movie star.

In the preview video, Corden and Smith are seen rapping the theme song from Smith's former sitcom, along with moments from celeb pairings such as Ariana Grande and Seth Mac Farlane, Michael Strahan and Jeff Gordon, Blake Shelton and Chelsea Handler, John Cena and Shaquille O'Neal, and Billy Eichner and Metallica.

"And I don't even mean that in the way it sounds...

Apple Music has announced the premiere date for its upcoming "Carpool Karaoke" series.

James Corden has an estimated net worth of million, which makes for a very comfortable lifestyle for Corden and his family.

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