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Within days of rescuing seven women who had been trafficked, police in Japan’s Gunma prefecture arrested three suspects with alleged ties to two hospitality venues.

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The room has started to be invaded by nature as tree branches push through the ceiling and the two windows.

On the side wall is an erotic tile of two women wrestling.

There are ten themed rooms in the hotel, and many had traditional Japanese touches.

Pictured, a decaying wall painting of a woman and embroidered chairs One of the most intricate and elaborate rooms is a Medieval-themed suite.

A Japanese man, his Cambodian wife and a Cambodian man were provisionally charged on Monday with human trafficking for allegedly arranging for 10 Cambodian women to go to Japan, where at least seven were forced into sex work at a restaurant, officials said.

Susumu Fukui, a 52-year-old manager at a restaurant in Phnom Penh, Lim Leakna, his 28-year-old wife, and Seng Chandy, a 34-year-old employee of the restaurant, were arrested on Saturday, according to an article posted to the National Police website.

It turns out often you're not alone' Mr Thissen has been exploring abandoned buildings around Europe for the past ten years. Pictured, one of the suites is decorated to look like a Classical Greek room.

The circular bed is surrounded by erotic plasterwork and statues.

In 2015, Japan enforced an 'Entertainment Law' which severely limited the industry.

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