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By the time Ryan dropped her at her apartment, in the Warehouse District of New Orleans, around six on the evening of Aug.

It carried over from lunch at a restaurant to the drive home, Gia Allemand’s voice growing louder.

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“The best way I can describe it,” he says, “is that when I was with her, I felt at home.” Which is why he was so lost that night, crumpled on his couch.

Gia was prone to steep emotional swings, and they’d had arguments before—all couples do, right? She had called at other times after Gia and Ryan fought, but now he couldn’t bring himself to talk to her. Then, at p.m., her husband, Tony Micheletti, texted Ryan: Ryan became frightened.

In January 2016, Smith joined Nova FM to host Late Nights across the network.

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As for Ryan, until a few weeks earlier he had been certain Gia was the one.

They had looked at houses together, talked about rings.

The immensely photogenic couple is pristine enough that their pictures could almost be ads for whatever it is they’re doing at the moment. 😝 there's never ever a dull moment with my northern girl @marigrady!!

So lucky to have a friend like you ❤️ love you so much!

Jason Smith (born ) is an Australian actor, writer and singer, best known for his roles in Home and Away and Power Rangers Jungle Fury.

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