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at the opening of her Wonderland gallery in West Hollywood. Kat also talked to People about her new boyfriend, telling the mag, “Jesse is only my ninth boyfriend.

According to the reality star, their relationship is in its beginning stages. Although, I’ve known Jesse for a long time, since I was 22-years-old,” she explained to pressed, asking if their relationship was more than just casual dating. I don’t hang out with anybody unless I am in love.” When asked by People if Jesse is “The One,” she said, “I believe he is, so yeah.” The heavily inked TLC star hopes the public’s fascination with their new relationship fades.

It's pretty humiliating how Sandra went out around talking about how she and Jesse made their marriage work last year.

The former “West Coast Choppers” star tied the knot for the fourth time this weekend, marrying drag racer Alexi De Joria, according to US Weekly. 2012, shortly after James broke off his engagement to “LA Ink” star Kat Von D.

Click here to see the latest Jesse James photos Before that, James was married to Karla James, Janine Lindemulder and, most-memorably, Sandra Bullock.

Stars lie, especially if their reputation might get sullied by telling the truth.

Imagine America's sweetheart poaching on poor Scarlett's man before they had even separated.

She put the brakes on the rumours but I bet she's quietly dating Reynolds. And I actually think Sandra totally fucked up by getting tangled with Jesse.

However, as far as "Sandra not meeting his needs," please..were not compatible for a multitude of reasons.

I totally don't buy that Americas Sweetheart bullshit she tries to r31 said.

He would have strayed even if Sandra wasn't away filming.

He'll get her knocked up in no time, and will send his other kids back to their moms full time. He does not seem the type to be able to commit to one pussy for the rest of his disgusting life.

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