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This demo is a real marriage test but many features which are available in the Jung Marriage Test are omitted here.Demo provides the result as follows: Match Index more than 62% (prognosis for long-term relationships is favorable) or Match Index less than 62% (prognosis for long-term relationships is unfavorable) To take the demo test you should enter into the boxes the values of your and your soulmate's type formulae and strength of the preferences.

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To obtain your type formula and strength of the preferences Jung Marriage Test™ instrument uses methodology, questionnaire, scoring and software that are proprietary to Humanmetrics.

Jung Marriage Test™ assessment and its results are not based on, nor incorporate the ® assessment methodology.

The Match Index factors in, and is calculated as the average of, the four other indices: the expression index, the perception index, the processing index and the implementation index.

These four indices indicate compatibility of two individuals in the context of the corresponding personality type dimensions proposed by Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers.

The processing index has a value "bad" in the given example because the partners' preferences on the criterion "Processing" are opposite and their strengths are distinctly expressed.

One of the partners is an expressed rational person and the other one a distinctly emotional person.

It follows from the above that the range of situations in which the partners together can feel comfortable may include active socializing with groups of people, attending parties, visiting museums, going to the movies, dining out, shopping, and going on physically demanding outings.

It is almost certain that there are no tension points regarding the "Expression" criterion in your relationship.

The third block of test results gives descriptions of the couple's relationships for all four criteria.

These descriptions show the kind of problems most advantageous for discussion and resolution by both partners, or the range of situations reasonably suitable for both partners.

Nevertheless, you should avoid situations which can cause tension in your relationship because of the partners' extroversion.

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