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Caught up with some classmates who had also decided to to take a break @ Logo at the front door The Y class was choc-a-bloc with hardly any seats free. View from my seat up the aisle Safety video on the personal IFE screen The safety demonstration on the IFE was in English and Chinese.This was followed by an audio tape in Kannada (The language spoken in the State of Karnataka, the capital city of which is Bangalore) and Hindi.I was surprised that this was an Quoting justbala (Thread starter): Having taken a year off from work, I am currently pursuing a 1 year full time MBA programme (EPGP) at Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore.

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I brought this to the notice of the crew who apologized for the mistake.

The Indian Non-Veg Option The Lamb was a lil too sour for my taste and hence I left the tray pretty much untouched.

However the forward Y cabin was way too hot for comfort. The F/As were repeatedly called to correct the situation, however they said they are trying their best, but given that this was a pretty old a/c there airconditioning was not in the best of shape.

Unable to sleep, I headed out to the galley and spent almost two hours there chatting with some colleagues and the F/As. At Silk Air their catering is basic at best, inedible at worst with absolutely tiny portions. They have no IFE save for silent features on drop down screens, their crew are surly, rude and inattentive on sub-continent runs (though this isn't the case on South East Asia flights) and their A320s, at least when I flew them, were rather tatty and cramped.

Once we got airborne, the crew distributed menu cards Today's options in Y included - Western Main Course - Lemon Thyme Chicken with Orzo Pasta, Green Bean and Carrot Indian Main Course - Tandoori Lamb with Vegetable Korma and Turmeric Rice Indian Vegetarian Main Course - Paneer Korma and Aloo Gobhi Masala (Potato Cauliflower Dish) and Basmati Rice.

Served along with Fresh Fruit Plate, Bread Roll and Tea/Coffee/Drinks.the audio speakers are inbuilt into your seatheads.. The train heads onwards to Asia World Expo Entering the Airport Terminal Since I had my boarding pass with me I headed straight for immigration and security.The lines for both were not that long and in under 10 minutes I was air side.Also provides a snack service before landing and today that was going to be Broccoli and Carrot Puff Pastry or Roasted Chicken in Pita Bread.Notice how the "Vegetarian" symbol is erroneously put against the Chicken dish.You can check in your baggage starting from 24 hours prior to your departure.

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