Seks idigul - Katlehong kuku

We had to register as a Section 21 company with Companies and Intellectual Property Registration Office (Cipro), then register with the Department of Social Development and SARS.

A: I always dream about being Dr Refiloe Seseane, so I hope that my dream of having a doctorate degree in economics will come true.

I would also like to secure funding for 18twenty8 projects and see more professional women joining our Big Sister network and committing to mentor our Little Sisters.

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Most of the girls do not have Internet access so we cut out adverts and opportunities from newspapers, photocopy them and deliver them at the high schools.

Through the Big Sister Network, which is a pool of professional women who are established in their respective careers, we guide and mentor our Little Sisters during the course of their studies by giving them concrete advice and exposure.

The challenge is that we have more Little Sisters than Big Sisters. They see the world as full of opportunities and know that they will achieve their goals in life if they grab these opportunities and remain dedicated to getting a higher education after matric.

Other highlights include being given the opportunity to attend the annual Women in Africa Conference where the little girls interact with high-profile businesswomen and being invited to exhibit at the annual career expo of a leading business school.

Our Big Sisters commit to their Little Sisters for a year, see them at least once a month and keep in touch via SMS and phone calls.

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