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The show’s teams were set up as "book smart" versus "street smart." Do you think either side has a competitive advantage in the business world?

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I think that the fact that a twentysomething woman won "The Apprentice" goes to show that there’s no stereotypical mold for a successful business person. From some people’s perspective, I had both things working against me.

From my perspective, I think I had both working in my favor.

Would you recommend that as a good investment for other young adults?

The Kendra Todd Group’s mission is to provide extraordinary real estate experiences for our clients and deliver remarkable results.

However, that doesn’t mean you’re going to be successful.

Success is based more on drive, passion and motivation than on education.Todd has already begun the first stage of her apprenticeship, working at the Trump National Golf Club in New York.Her training focuses on evaluating the potential of national and international properties for purchase and development of golf courses.However, those that have both a degree and the drive are 10 steps ahead of the rest. Education is your time to evaluate and learn from other people’s mistakes.[So] is book smart better than street smart or vise versa? Experience is learning from your own [mistakes.] Do you feel any added pressure to perform because you’re the first female winner of the show? I do feel a sense of responsibility not only to women in the workforce but to twentysomethings. I think being young was one mold and being a woman was another.Additionally, most of the advertisers for our lifestyle magazine seemed to be development projects. You have thousands of kids the same age there, [so] it’s probably somewhat easy to pinpoint what their interests are and what they might spend money on.

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