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When you put females and males into any form of arena or tight corridors, there's bound to be love sparks and hormones flying all over the place.When two idols are rumored to be dating, fans get right to work and do an impeccable job in researching/stalking photos of various idols to see if the rumors are true.The stalking is thorough and since photos don't lie, today we're going to take a look at some of the idols who we know have kindled a romance in the past.

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"I nodd my head and look straight in his eyes that are frozen. Damn it."You are still to innocent to think of that stage of a relationship.""I'm not. "I ask and my hand travels to his belly."When they are in their best moments.

"Don't pretend you don't know you giant."Eh nothing."I say with a dissapointed tone."You mean like sex? Are you also a lesbian and need to know how to do stuff? I'm just curious.""Hmm....""So when do you think a guy and a girl should have sex?

LOEN Entertainment released a statement stating that the male idol was just visiting his cute little friend and all was plutonic and innocent.

Whether the statement was true or false, the scandal tarnished IU's pure image and left her feeling down in the dumps. I say yes, and we should therefore just let Tweet their love away.

He rolls a little and puts the other hand around me.

When they feel like they found their missing half and love themselves more than anything.""Wow that's deep."He puts his book aside and turns off the light.

I look confidently at myself in the mirror and then step in the room. He kissed me forcefully and sensually and my mind was blown.

I fake my interest for fanfictions now so I give him more time to notice me. It's just a question.""I have something after noon but the rest of the day is free.""You can laze around in bed all day.""I can. I barely feel something.""Then you kiss me."That was all I needed to say.

I don't want him to think I'm proposing a hot night. But I won't step on my pride to say it."What is that?

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