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Not that others' preconceptions deterred the fiery Kuki. As she says over an organic Italian dinner at her bush home, the roaring of lions echoing in the starry darkness outside, 'My men were here.

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Everything changed in 1980, when Paolo was killed in a car accident a few months before Sveva was born.

Then, three years later, 17-year-old Emanuele was killed by a puff adder, one of his many pet snakes.

THE PROPOSAL The proposal was a big surprise to me.

He had earlier told me that he does not like the whole proposal drama’’ so we agreed there would be no proposal.

I had hinted to him that I like chicken so he knew the right place to have it.

ALSO READ: Ten reasons why half of divorcees had cold feet on their wedding day but still walked down the isle I lived at Roysambu then which isn't far from the restaurant so after the date he walked me home and we had a great chat.

Sveva's Italian parents, Kuki and Paolo, fell in love with Africa in the 1970s when out on safari.

The couple bought what many consider to be one of the finest cattle ranches in Africa, the 100,000-acre Ol ari Nyiro, in Kenya's north-western Laikipia region, and moved there with Kuki's son from a previous marriage, Emanuele, then eight.

Above all, they should know that God values the institution of marriage, and if both of you keep yourselves pure during the entire courting period and live according to His ways, nothing will go wrong.

– Unlimited km/miles and CDW included Click here to see pictures 2 seater whom sleeps 2 - AUTOMATIC 4x4 This car is great for people looking for an extreme adventure around the country or for traveling in the highlands.

Lisa Grainger meets a born champion of tribal heritage.

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