Lane cedar chests dating

Such designs must be left to the worker in metals, whether it be gold filagree or wrought iron.

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It is clear that many others came under its influence.

Possibly some of those artisans who advertised in colonial newspapers as coming from “some of the most capital shops in London” had been journeymen in Chippendale’s own shop.

Hence most of the Philadelphia furniture of this period tends to plainness, but that does not mean that much was not decorated in the rococo taste.

Whatever the elaboration it must first of all be practical.

In Philadelphia, Chippendale’s style was simplified and given new characteristics.

Cabinet makers with imagination were responsible for the change, though local conditions also had their influence, for Philadelphia society, led by worldly people who followed the fashions of the Georgian Court, imported all its extravagances from London and demanded London pieces made in carved and polished woods, or similar types of American make.

Of this “Colonial Chain of Houses” which are open to the public, three show interesting examples of Philadelphia Chippendale: “Cedar Grove,” begun in 1721 and completed in its present form in 1795; “Woodford,” built as a one-story country house in 1742 and added to in 17, and “Mt.

Pleasant Mansion,” dating from 1762, which John Adams in 1775 termed “The America,” is an example.

1); some of the furniture made by Thomas Affleck for Gov. 7); and the outstanding collection formed by the late R. With this wealth of material, no other museum affords equal opportunity for studying Philadelphia Chippendale.

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