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I’ve been drawing since I was a child and work in various media including polymer clay, ceramics as well as etching, drawing, painting, watercolor pencil and digital art.

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The man plunged his hand into the other container, shifting around the slips of paper. A Sense and Sensibility Destiel (yet further apologies to Jane Austen). Halb wartend: auf Strafe, Befehle, irgendwas; halb halbherzig einen Fluchtweg suchen, weil man das in der Hölle eben so macht, Zuhause oder nicht." // Als Meg in Staffel 2 wieder in die Hölle verbannt wird, weiß sie nicht, ob eine Strafe sie erwartet.

Finally, his hand rested on one, and he pulled his out. It is 1809, and for young omega Castiel Dashwood, the recent death of his father Lord Charles sets in motion a chain of events that ends in him, his mother and his brothers moving to Devonshire and their distant relation Sir Robert Middleton's estate. Dean Ferrers calls in to see them - and when Dean meets Castiel, it turns out that the handsome blond alpha is the dark-haired omega's True Mate. Dean is sort of pledged to marry someone else...... Doch Lilith begrüßt sie auf eine ganz andere Weise, als sie sich je hat erhoffen oder denken können.

Twenty-four years later, Dean gets a call from a hunter named Gordon Walker, who has captured a creature who calls himself the Boy King of hell. They're happy until Lilith comes back after a three year absence. Then she learns her daughter has gotten in touch with her demonic past.

Lilith Winchester was a demon before her father cured her. Now twenty years later, she wants what was taken from her all those years ago. Which leads Ryder and Jenna traveling back to May 2008.

She wants it back and she'll stop at nothing to do it. Ryder will do anything to bring her back safely, but the slightest change can make a huge impact.

Meet Ashi - A chaste purple clad inkling boy who appears to have quite an adult obsession.

Then he squared his jaw and started out towards the stage. And why are they stopping at the mage city of Ilchester on the way?

And why Castiel, who isn’t exactly known for his loyalty to the crown?

A little too much alcohol and really loud music....... Crowley is a collector of souls and mine was the rarest one he had managed to get a hold of.

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