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“It is key that qualified vendors such as Moat, Double Verify, Integral Ad Science or others involved with a publisher be able to measure for themselves, not just evaluate measurement provided by the publisher.” Most web publishers implement code from companies like Moat or IAS using what’s called a “software development kit,” or SDK, which enables these third parties to collect data directly. Instead of allowing third parties to directly pull data from their sites or mobile apps, Facebook and You Tube receive tracking code from the third parties and then modify the code slightly.They also set up a different process to deliver data than is used via typical SDK partnerships.

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Facebook and Google say there are good reasons for their approach.

(For a primer on how Facebook’s third-party metrics work, click here).

For its part, Facebook says that while the process may be different, the net result is that the data received is “identical to any other integration style,” according to Mark Rabkin, vice president of Facebook’s core ads team.

“The data takes a different train to the same destination.” “We’re really, really committed to advertiser value in everything we do,” Mr. “We want to make them feel really comfortable.” But the different methodology—particularly the involvement of Facebook and You Tube in setting up the data collection process—has left the advertising world with a sense that their third-party tracking isn’t fully third party.

Castile’s death was at least the second this week in the U.

About the Author- Jake Ehlinger and Randy Vander Veen live and hunt on small properties in southern Michigan.

Ad buyers want to understand who is actually collecting the raw data—the third parties or Facebook itself.

“We believe objective, third-party measurement is an essential foundation for any mature industry,” said Lyle Schwarz, director of implementation, research and marketplace analysis at the ad buying giant Group M.

The Hennepin County Medical Examiner said an autopsy would be peformed Thursday. “My deepest sympathies to the loved ones of Philando Castile. We need facts, peace & calm,” she tweeted Thursday morning.

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