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No amount of texts can make up for getting to know someone in real life.On a touch-screen phone, it's so easy to "like" something when you're scrolling through pics.Promotional tools are tools developed by DM Planet and provided to partners and affiliates in order to facilitate promotion of their web-sites and affiliate campaigns. Term means the period from the date of this Agreement until its termination .

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DM Planet takes no responsibility for the commission collection problems due to the misspellings of partner details by the partner in the Wallet section of administration area.

If a client is doing a chargeback for the service of the site, then the balance of a Partner is cut down to 50% of the sum of the chargeback.

But if you accidentally like one of your crush's photos, "unliking" it right away will show him your mistake. Did you blow off a guy with the excuse that you're sick or busy?

Then checking in on Four Square, or Instagramming pics from your night out is a major no-no.

If he knows you're trying to save his photo in your phone, chances are he'll be a little weirded out. When you've got your crush on the brain, it's easy to confuse Brittany for Brian and accidentally text him instead!

It would be mega embarrassing if he read a text meant for your BFF, gushing about how cute he is.

Member is an end user of DM Planet services joined through the partner web-sites or affiliate banners associated with the partner account.

Partner is a person who registered on DM Planet white label and affiliate network.

It can be created either on sub-domain of one of DM Planet domains or on the domain name belonging to the partner in which case the partner agrees to delegate this domain to DM Planet with the partner ownership remaining in place.

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