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you should have your parents permission if you are the 16-year-old and should not have sex with him(or her? that would be dangerous because it is considered rape. There are no laws against dating, just regarding sex where the minor must have reached the age of consent, and of course the minors parents have to agree to you two seeing eac…h other. question posted tuesday november 15 2011, pmso i'm a 19 year old college student. also i could be wrong about all this considering i'm fifteen and it's all just a matter of opinion for me.what an adult have to remember when it comes to dating a minor is that it's real easy for anyone to call and report statutory rape and then you have to defend yourself.   but some people may be uncomfortable with the idea especially if the younger is female, just be cautious as sometimes it can lead to negativities… Whether we apply the rule to George Clooney, Demi Moore, or to our own dating decisions, we ought to know the rule's strengths and limitations. i live in my own and have a steady job and i have always dated older men but 25 has always been my cut off age.i recently met this guy that is 27 and we connect on a different level. gaming license what i could do now advice from whom are spiritual: i'm giving up on god. regardless, good luck.[ walkonthefire's advice column | ask walkonthefire a question ]xui answered tuesday november 15 2011, pm:i'd personally pass, when someone dates another person that is older they have a hard time connecting on the same level in some areas.Prevent education online sites us dating sites could: exclude job for or; staples?!

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so, if there are any sexual …events it could have dramatic negative effects on the individual considered an adult, and 19 is an adult.

four years difference in age is really nothing when you are older.

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"i'd also be willing to listen to music and attend concerts that would make a man of my age look completely out of place, if she wanted. Recognizing that some men might be ashamed of a two- decade age difference or attempt to hide such a relationship, the middle-aged chicago attorney said he would in many ways be proud, actually, to be seen alongside a gorgeous young woman.

bogan went on to say he would be very much willing to introduce a 25-year-old woman to his friends and colleagues, as well as spend time with her and her equally young female friends at trendy night spots.

however, at 15 - in terms of dating - a male or female should be with people around their own age.  it's not so much a matter of can a 15 year old date someone is 19 it's a matter of should they. i need advice about erectile problems possible drug trip? consider everything, not just today; but tomorrow and years ahead to make sure you are not letting yourself in for a big fall.[ adviceman49's advice column | ask adviceman49 a question ]walkonthefire answered tuesday november 15 2011, pm:if you feel that you "connect on a different level" and you're "really starting to develop feelings for him" then why should the age matter?

it would be very unwise to do that, even if the said 15 year old knows and trusts the 19 year old. (please reply especially if you have medical experience get into figth i am lost, what should i do with my life? if you guys like each other and you feel happy with him then why should the age make a difference?

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