Adultvideodate - Maa chelsr biya and baccha bengoly golpo

Professor Jacques Fame Ndonga, a front line supporter of the octogenarian, says Biya's backers have a moral responsibility to celebrate their leader's successes, especially for the internal peace Cameroon enjoys.

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Cameroon's President Paul Biya is celebrating more than three decades in power.

The octogenarian became president of the West African nation 31 years ago when his predecessor, Ahmadou Ahijo, resigned.

Today we have several radio stations, several television stations,” explained Ebie.

However, Ano Ebie's views are not shared by fellow journalist Amungwa Nicodemus, publisher of the newspaper in the capital, Yaounde. Recently Cameroon was on the eye of the cyclone when newspapers and media houses were cracked down [on] and journalists slammed [with] sanctions. He appointed those who did the shut down,” said Nicodemus.

Supporters of the president credit him for respecting people's liberties and freedoms.

Anow Ebie, a journalist who works for Cameroon's state broadcaster, CRTV, says the increasing number of media outlets in Cameroon is indicative of democratic advances under Biya's leadership.Ben Collins Nyuyberiwo, who was born two years after Biya took power, says the president should relinquish power to someone younger.“We are still talking of the same president, Paul Biya, Paul Biya, Paul Biya.Supporters of the 80-year-old president of Cameroon have been organizing sport and cultural activities and political rallies to celebrate Paul Biya's 31st year in power.Professor Ngole Ngole Elvis, a frontline supporter of the octogenarian, says supporters of Biya have a moral responsibility to celebrate their leader's successes.“When President Paul Biya came to power in 1982, Cameroon had a one-party system. We had just a state newspaper, Today there are uncountable [papers].

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