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Don’t forget to read the other parts in this series of guides.

Unfortunately a lot of that invaluable information is often not made explicitly available within kink based dating and community sites.

I do not for a single second pretend to be an expert on online dating safety measures however I will make the following suggestions: I strongly suggest that if you are seeing Red Flags you should stop your interaction with the person.

This kind of thing is a deep form of submission that should never be taken lightly – and which needs a huge level of trust on both sides.

My strong advice is to avoid relationships, or people who are pushing for this level of control, if you are new to BDSM.

Mr Jay’s list of common Red Flags to watch for is: That kind of control is most likely not something that you are ready for as a newcomer.

Furthermore, it is not something that should ever happen quickly within a relationship.Having discussed the events with him at length, in his case it was an incredibly intricate scam where the scammer (listed as an experienced female submissive) even used fake documents, gained bruising/swelling to fake a car crash (the photos provided have since been identified as being a car belonging to a different person), and a third party to play a fake role over the telephone.He ultimately fell victim to a combination of loneliness and his desire to protect someone and that cost him a thousands of dollars.I am recounting those details (with his permission on the grounds that he remains anonymous) for the sole purpose of reinforcing the idea that while amazing people exist, and the partner of your dreams is out there… Sometimes being cautious and making sure things are as they seem can pay off in the end.there are also less honest individuals who do prey on others through online ‘dating’ sites. There has been a plethora of stuff written about keeping yourself safe in online dating situations.Furthermore, I suggest avoiding such things even if you are an experienced M/s practitioner if the person is pushing to introduce it to the relationship quickly.

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