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Within a month after the victorious Radical party candidate Raul Alfonsin assumed the presidency in December 1983, he formed a 'truth commission', the National Commission on Disappeared Persons.

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The commission did not have the power to prosecute in its own right, but was mandated to submit information of individual violators to the relevant courts.

The commission finally produced an extensive report called Nunca Mas ('Never Again').

But it operated under a constitution drafted during the regime of General Pinochet, which protects the power of the army.

Members of the secret police who carried out gross violations in the past, now occupy comfortable senior positions within the army.

There was widespread public response to the report, calling for the prosecution of the military junta leaders named in the report.

Alfonsin bowed to this pressure, and the junta leaders were tried and sentenced.

In all of these countries, the members of the security forces have continued to believe they are immune from prosecution.

Human rights abuses, torture and assassination have continued.

Dead weight of the past At one extreme are those societies in which there has been an effective impunity for human rights violators from former authoritarian regimes.

Past human rights abuses by the security forces are simply 'forgotten'.

These are just some of the complex questions that dealing with past human rights abuses raises.

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