Marriage after six months of dating

Actually we got married exactly 1 year to the day that I asked her to marry me. I think what matters more is that the couple are marriage minded and will make the commitment and any compromises that need to be made to make it work.

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Instead of getting a free number 13 tattoo (my lucky number) at this tattoo shop by my apartment, I went to a bar. I got up the guts to call him, even though it went against my usual “I'm not calling a guy” personal manifesto.

He was genuine, and we obviously shared common interests. But even in my hungover daze, I could see clearly that this guy wasn't a total douchebag like every guy I'd ever known before him. I sent him a reply that I couldn't believe I sent.

I knew my wife for 1 week (yes, I said 1) and ask her to marry me. We were both older and had been in several long term relationships over the years. We knew what we wanted, what we didn't want, and neither of us had any interest in getting into the long term rut of simply living together, again, without making a real commitment.

We did live-together for a year and she had an engagement ring on that whole year. Neither of us has ever had a moment of regret or wished we had taken more time. I wouldn't recommend it for people in their 20's but we are living proof that it can work.

From experience I know the first 6 months is the "honey moon" phase, and then after that both partners let their guard down more and really get to know the other person.

My best friend met this guy while she was still seeing her ex.

He supported me, believed in me, and learned to love me despite my craziness, bitchiness, insecurities, potty mouth, inappropriate behavior at times, and all of the things that most men had accused me of doing "wrong" on several occasions. The two of us had been so joined at the hip that he asked me to go to Thanksgiving with him at his mother's house.

I prepared several vegetarian dishes to bring, and off we went to his mother's.

Around 2 a.m., as a complete joke but not really, he married us. We have two daughters, with a little boy due any day now.

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