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He just has a better game plan.”The engine that has been driving DWE, though, is people like Peniche, who reliably behave sensationally in front of cameras—one moment she’ll have a fit about being awoken for group therapy; another, she’ll throw a tantrum over whether her cigarettes are in a hard or soft pack.

But not everyone is Peniche, who, Weintraub said, “calls me every day and thanks me for what I’ve done for her.” In some cases, the process of shedding bad habits can lead a client to no longer see Weintraub as a vehicle to celebrity, but a darker force.

This happened with porn sensation Penny Flame—whose real name is Jennie Ketcham—whom Weintraub got cast in Sex Rehab.

if you sleep, text, make eye contact or claim friends with benefits with my agent you are going up on The

Dan Gross: Mary Carey: Sixer Jason Smith's a great kisser By Dan Gross Philadelphia Daily News PORN STARLET and former California gubernatorial candidate Mary Carey says 76ers forward Jason Smith is a good kisser.

Drew went from being this doctor that I could count on, and, like, if my client got sick or needed something, he’d be there,” David Weintraub said, “to being the TV doctor, who is like, ‘Make sure it’s the right angle.’ ‘Let’s make sure it’s the right look.’ ‘I don’t know if this is the right tone.’ And, I’m like, come on, dude.” “Kari Ann Peniche popped,” Weintraub said, elaborating on his theory. She did three shows— Sex Rehab, Celebrity Rehab, Sober House; made a deal at VH1; and she just put out a record.”Weintraub, who starred on A&E’s short-lived reality show Sons of Hollywood, is the Professor Henry Higgins of Hollywood’s teeming subculture of broken and/or has-been porn stars, rock 'n’ rollers, or, in the case of Peniche, fallen Miss Teen USA’s—“an underbelly of good people with bad situations,” as he says.

(Peniche had her title revoked after she was photographed nude in Playboy.

Sources tell us the group also consisted of Louis Amundson and Shavlik Randolph.

The busty blonde told us last night that Smith said he was a fan of her movies and referred to her as "a goddess" before they kissed.

Eggert’s appearance on Larry King Live last night, to talk about the death of Corey Haim, her one-time boyfriend, was also Weintraub’s doing.“He works his buns off,” Eggert said of Weintraub.

“He just brought a new energy back into everything.

Rather, they take a serious look at real problems, like drug addiction, and deal with them with the assistance of professionals.

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