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These have both Renaissance type motifs with masks, putti and vases and some more bizarre and humorous carvings such as a sow drinking from a barrel whilst a woman has taken a knife and attempts to carve a piece from the sow's bottom.

The altar was built in 1711 and is surmounted by a five lancet window and on one side of the altar there is a statue of Saint Thomas of Canterbury and on the other Saint Blaise.

A hunter found the church in the woods and shot a bear in front of the altar.

According to legend, there was no one left in Hedalen after the Black Death.

Be classy and avoid that if you want something that can sustain.

Though none of them really like each other more as a friend. But Mary has a problem, it's that she always feels uncomfortable around guys.

Near Meyronne, discover the heritage of the town of Souillac, including the abbey church St.

Mary dating from the Middle Ages or the National Museum of automatons, one of the finest collections in Europe.

But times passes and Marry grows feelings towards Kuroha who has a crush on someone else. Well that doesn't include Kuroha or her friend Seto.

Ever since middle school, and until now in high school Mary was always the center of attraction to all guys but Kuroha.

It might weird someone out for you to say they are the prettiest/handsomest person you've ever seen, but then again he or she is also likely to remember you.

If you're serious about being in a relationship, it can happen, but at parties, it's mostly a lot of drunken, meaningless hooking up.

In the sacristy, a bearskin is hanging on the wall.

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